Summer Party: A celebration of summer and science

On Thursday 13 June, the first Summer Party of the Radius Centre took place at the Institute of Physics of the CAS. This event, designed for interns together with their supervisors, was a combination of a barbeque, valuable networking and an inspiring lecture on current innovations in space.

The first part of the evening was dedicated to the barbeque. This informal and friendly space allowed the students to not only make new contacts with each other, but also to meet leading scientists and experts.

The second part of the programme included a lecture by Jiří Svoboda from the Institute of Astronomy of the CAS, who shared the latest findings from space. The lecture covered topics such as the Hubble and Webb telescopes and the possibility of life on Saturn’s moons, which generated great interest and discussion among the participants.

Alexander Dejneka, Head of the Optics Section and Chief Coordinator of the Radius Centre, stressed the importance of such meetings: ‘Such meetings are not only a great opportunity to relax and have fun, but above all to make new contacts and gain inspiration. This gives our trainees a unique chance to gain new perspectives and contacts that will help them in their scientific careers.”

The interns can look forward to other similar events planned by the Radius Centre. Networking events foster new collaborations, including invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth.