AI Club

AI Club

Language: English

Lead by: Erik Hulmák

In recent months, terms such as machine learning and artificial intelligence have become increasingly common. They are shrouded in a sometimes almost magical aura thanks to the amazing advances in big language models and image generators. But intelligent systems have been moving the world for much longer, for example in areas such as robotics, automotive, healthcare, agriculture and content recommendation. As a result, the average person comes into contact with AI on a daily basis, almost unnoticed. At the AI Club joint sessions, you will open up this world, learn more about it, and there will be space to discuss and answer your questions on this topic.


Proposed dates and topics

June 24th 

Join us to explore the technology that enables machines to perceive and interpret the world as we do. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply curious about the future, this meet-up offers an engaging overview of the fascinating field of computer vision. In the first part of the session, we’ll take a quick look at the key areas within computer vision, its real-world applications, and popular methods. Afterwards, we’ll open the floor for discussions on related topics or any other subjects of interest.