About the Radius Centre

Connect. Students and scientists, researchers and scholars, science and exploration, universities and the private sector – all intertwined with the aim of fostering mutual learning and helping students kick-start their careers. Fourteen top scientific, academic, and industrial institutions have already united towards this common objective, collaborating under the banner of the Radius Development Center. Thanks to our extensive ties with the private sector, we have successfully executed numerous projects, and we are now striving to expand internship opportunities, particularly in technical fields. We present you with the chance to tap into this diverse array of internships, where you can apply your knowledge in practical settings, push the boundaries of your expertise, and learn from experts in various professional domains.  


Moreover, once your internship concludes, you can seamlessly transition into another similar or different topic if you enjoy the process of learning and discovery. We will undoubtedly find another fascinating subject for you. Our internships are highly flexible, tailored to individual agreements, and can be pursued throughout the academic year or during summer vacations. Additionally, occasional remote work is an option, although it might not match the camaraderie of the workplace 😊. If your internship proves successful, there is the possibility of further collaboration, such as part-time work. In essence, the possibilities at the Radius Development Center are virtually limitless.  


Join Radius now, and gain new knowledge, just like over 60 other trainees have already done.