Photoswitches – graphene functionalization using chiral organic molecules

In the current project, we are particularly interested in the covalent attachment of small organic molecules to 2D materials[i] and the linking of the latter via the former. While in most of our projects, the organic molecules used for surface modification are commercially available or readily available from such, some projects require more extensive synthetic efforts. Examples particularly include the synthesis of molecular switches for surface decoration (such as azobenzenes,[ii] spiropyrans, or diarylethenes).[iii] A class of photochromic molecules that has so far not been employed much in the modification of 2D materials are indigoids, [iv] which offer a rare combination of visible light switching and spatial control.

She/he can learn basics of organic synthesis (necessarily associated with characterization using MPLC, HPLC-MS, and NMR). Prepare samples for material analysis using Raman/IR/UV-vis spectroscopy and surface characterization methods.

Garant stáže: Martin Kalbáč

Obor: Interdisciplinary (organic chemistry, spectroscopy, material science)

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